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Synonyms for desertion

Synonyms for desertion

the act of forsaking


Synonyms for desertion

withdrawing support or help despite allegiance or responsibility

the act of giving something up

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DAMASCUS/BEIRUT: Syrian President Bashar Assad Tuesday sacked his vice prime minister for being absent without leave and holding unauthorized meetings abroad, the official SANA news agency said.
Jack enlisted to fight in World War I where, amongst other things, he went Absent Without Leave.
A SOLDIER, currently absent without leave, has been remanded in custody on a robbery charge.
The Minister gave strict suspension warning to all who will be absent without leave in future.
Investigators found Price was listed as absent without leave from the Army and wanted as a deserter, authorities said in the complaint.
When I retired in 2009 on my pension statement it stated 'deductions, 13 days absent without leave, March 1979' .
Summary: Lance Corporal Joe Glenton, who went absent without leave rather than serve a second tour in Afghanistan, has been jailed.
A SOLDIER who went absent without leave (awol) rather than serve a second tour in Afghanistan was jailed for nine months yesterday.
The United States is no longer absent without leave," Clinton said.
Privates Andrew Jones, from Aberdare, and his friend Andre Treble, both 22, were arrested on charges of going absent without leave from Buckley barracks in Wiltshire.
They have since been arrested on charges of going absent without leave.
A spokesman added: "He was not a prisoner so hasn't escaped as such but is classed as being absent without leave.
Most are male soldiers who have gone absent without leave for family reasons.
Soldiers are going absent without leave in droves following tours in Iraq, because the Army will not take their mental problems seriously, a programme claimed last night .
Two-thirds of all Confederate soldiers were absent without leave, but Jefferson Davis said the army was in better condition now than at any previous time, King notes in late December 1863.