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Synonyms for abscission

shedding of flowers and leaves and fruit following formation of scar tissue in a plant

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the act of cutting something off

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The high positive correlation between flowers and harvestable pods confirms the low rate of abscission of these important structures, which determine agronomic yield in mungbean.
This pattern of abscission may be due to the amount of light available at each canopy region since irradiance is said to decrease with depth into the canopy [15].
The high positive correlation between flowers and harvestable pods on one hand and between seed yield and the number of flowers, harvestable pods, weight per seed and seeds per pod on the other, suggests that abscission of reproductive organs could reduce seed yield.
Sparks and Yates (1995) describe the process of husk abscission in Carya illinoinensis (pecan) as occurring in three phases.
Some species, like Juglans nigra, use stress-induced leaf abscission during summer to increase the root-shoot ratio in order to maintain a more favorable water balance during summer droughts (Parker & Pallardy, 1985; Pallardy & Rhoads, 1993).