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Synonyms for abruptness

an abrupt discourteous manner

the property possessed by a slope that is very steep

the quality of happening with headlong haste or without warning

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Junot Diaz once wrote that short stories "strike like life and end with its merciless abruptness as well.
Nothing in the realm of art could be more depressing than the abruptness with which, following the outpouring of the extraordinarily original black pictures, Pollock seems to have come to the end of his inspiration, and probably to the end of his self-belief.
The flexible MTJ devices yield significantly enhanced tunneling magnetoresistance of [approximately equal to]300% and improved abruptness of switching, as residual strain in the MTJ structure is released during the transfer process.
We have also managed to achieve improved abruptness of switching.
Tony Hatch, principal of New York-based ABH Consulting, said that the abruptness of CP's decision to not move forward was reminiscent of its 2014 decision to back off of its proposed merger with CSX.
The party sees conflicting statements [on whether the islands are Egyptian or Saudi], as well as a social division, further complicated by the abruptness of the announcement, and the media and social media's handling of the issue," FEP's political bureau member Amira Al-Adly said in a press conference.
Every single one of our hardworking staff are unfailingly pleasant to all our customers and this is quite a diatribe over something you have interpreted as abruptness.
Every single one of our hardworking staff are unfailingly pleasant to customers and this is quite a diatribe over something you interpreted as abruptness.
Dozens of protesters in the House gallery, most of them elderly people, were outraged at the abruptness of the adjournment.
The abruptness of the climate shifts was probably more lethal than whether it warmed or cooled, says coauthor Konrad Hughen, a paleoclimatologist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts.
The next step is to determine the change abruptness of the potential mount-up (mount-down) motion.
The move divided Greeks, many of whom regarded it as a wasteful source of patronage jobs for political parties but were shocked by the abruptness with which the government pulled the plug.
The Traffic Department's decision to reduce speed limit on February 22nd Street to 80km from 100km has come as a surprise, not because it is not a wise move but because of its abruptness (Gulf Times, January 24).
Based on items' factor loadings, the first factor was called impatience (I) and the second aggressiveness or abruptness (A).