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President Zardari said repeated ambushes against the democratic process and abrogation of the Constitution had resulted in the weakening of democratic institutions and entrenching of non-democratic forces in a culture of secrecy.
It also requires the disclosure of documents that the agency feels might "may impede or cause the abrogation or loss of the attorney-client privilege of the governmental body" or "intrude and unduly interfere upon the power of a governing board of any agency within the executive branch established by the Texas Constitution to conduct its activities and fulfill its legal mandates and responsibilities.
Among the topics are abrogation in scriptures before the Qur'an, legal abrogation, whether the Prophet forgot verses, the Five-Suckling verse and the anomalous reading of the Oath Breaking verse, and a new reading of Islamic law.
Professor Al-Saraj pointed out the number of cases under investigation by Syria's Supreme State Security Court before its abrogation stood at 150 which are now to be dealt with in civil courts.
It was the third march of its kind in less than a month in a snowballing popular movement demanding the abrogation of the system that allotted key government posts along sectarian lines.
Does such an abrogation of responsibility not go against every claim of fairness and justice that it makes?
While several solutions have been proffered, Precision-Targeted Abrogation is the proposal that most accurately targets the problems without causing excessive collateral damage to the military justice system or to an accused's individual rights.
Should Swansea council grant permission for the development, it would be a fundamental abrogation of its responsibility should it not be subject to the following legally enforceable conditions: 1.
The CNMR spokesperson Mohamed Abdel-Rahman Al-Omda responded saying that it has not asked for the abolishment or abrogation of the Islamic Shari'a law or imposing secularism saying this is beyond its jurisdiction.
Abrogation of IR-stimulated E-selectin expression by lovastatin and at-RA reduced tumor cell adhesion in a dose-dependent manner.
I, for one, deplore the abrogation of the duty of education authorities to recognise the legal right of pupils to attend a fully co-educational and comprehensive school and the denial of the needs of the community for an integrated community education sector.
When it's spent in the petty jobsworth harrasment of productive tax-paying members of society, abrogation of duties that people actually want discharged and making unconstitutional political pronouncements then no, I don't want to fund them.
The Pakistani government will abide by the decision of the Supreme Court if former President Pervez Musharraf is found guilty of abrogation of the Constitution, Attorney General Latif Khosa said Friday.
They have also demanded newari language to be used as a language for government works and abrogation of the bill on urban development that the government is working on.
Secondly, to hide behind semantics and morphology to avoid tackling the important issue contained in my motion - namely to persuade Government to change its policy of siting bail homes in residential areas - is an abrogation of the duty owed by them to their constituents.