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a shortened version of a written work

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In my view The Devil and Kate is a perfect jewel of an opera, which is waiting to be liberated from the clutches of morning school or afternoon family performances; it is a gem with literary and musical qualities that were already noticed by the critics when it was first presented, a work that is exceptionally tightly constructed, terse and conversationally snappy like few others, and abridgments and alterations should be considered criminal.
Ward in this exemplary study of international devotional culture: the reissue of Thomas Upham's hefty two-volume Life and Religious Experience and Opinions of Madame de La Mothe Guyon (New York: Harper, 1846) in "thirty-seven editions, not counting translations, abridgments, and borrowings" (158).
The transcript of the address with slight abridgments follows below.
Our abridgments maintain the integrity of the original manuscript, in that they sustain the author's theme, the complete story line and proper character development, making it an easier and quicker means of enjoying a book.
As Price points out, there is no essential connection between brevity and narrative distance, but the abridgments tended to substitute a retrospective impersonal narrator for Richardson's prolific letter-writers.
In three central chapters which focus on the novelistic practices of Samuel Richardson, Ann Radcliffe, and George Eliot, Price aligns the anthology with its disreputable cousins--the abridgment, the expurgated edition, the bowdlerization--in order to show how these little-studied forms exerted an influence on reading in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
The material is suitable for graduate or senior undergraduate course, and with abridgments for a short course of two or three days.
The Jefferson Muzzles are awarded as a means to draw attention to abridgments of free speech and press and, at the same time, foster an appreciation for those tenets of the First Amendment.
Various polls show that up to 8o percent of Americans expect and accept some abridgments of individual freedom to combat the threat of terrorism.
Possokhov uses excerpts from fellow Ukrainian Yuri Krasavin's film scores and abridgments of familiar Beethoven works.
The Court has declared some abridgments of this sort to be unconstitutional, correctly recognizing in passing that "the particular consumer's interest in the free flow of commercial information .
He advocates a near-libertarian commitment to the free market and fiercely opposes government abridgments of personal and economic freedom.
of Kansas) translated the famous Latin epic in 2005, and here offers an abridgments of that translation (which was also published by Hacket Publishing Co.