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a shortened version of a written work

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In Kashf al-Zunun, for instance, Hajji Khalifa lists both works under separate entries, although he usually lists abridgements and summaries with the text on which they are based.
Over the question of abridgement, audiobook publishers do have a charge to answer but if one accepts their claim to be in the business of story telling rather than the repackaging of novels, it is a charge which they can plausibly rebut.
In total, 15,000 young people, 23 per cent of whom have disabilities and difficulties of some kind, will play their part in this year's presentation of 21 Shakespearean abridgements.
Longer works would of course be represented by excerpts or extreme abridgements.
He replicates the method of using the top keyword to produce abridgements of Updike's "A&P" and Carver's "Boxes" and "Cathedral.
Some selections are sections of works or abridgements, so the collection will probably be most useful for an undergraduate class on the topic.
also includes edits and abridgements of many Catholic social documents.
On the other hand, secrecy can all too easily give way to corruption, from abridgements of liberty such as extraordinary rendition and warrantless wiretaps to the monstrous abuses of Abu Ghraib.
uk/johnfoxe) to a further five editions and several abridgements published during the next century.
Rather than bestowing rights, the first 10 Amendments in effect, establish guarantees and boundaries where government abridgements are prohibited.
Based on his examination of multiple copies of the nine early modern editions of The Book of Martyrs (the last in 1684) as well as abridgements, King's research addresses questions that only an exhaustive study of this book's multiple editions, sources, models, and analogues could answer: what kind of book is the Book of Martyrs, and how did it come to "exert a greater influence on the consciousness of early modern England than any other book aside from the English Bible and the Book of Common Prayer" (2)?
However, today with warrantless wiretaps and the unreliable information coming from Washington and the rushed and unread Patriot Act, it is hard to know which abridgements of freedom and privacy to accept and which to fight.
Book abridgements are manuscripts that are deliberately edited into a shorter version.
Under the season's makeshift circumstances, the latest festival offered only two main-stage operas instead of the usual three, and none of the second-stage one-acters or abridgements ("Opera Scenes") that long have been Wexford mainstays.