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I see tremendous value in the service that Abridge will provide because it is based on email, not a specific destination site," said John Landry.
It is a testament to the large market opportunity and our unique technology to have someone of Jason's caliber join Abridge," said Susan Hunt Stevens, president of Abridge.
The opportunity to help Abridge further its lead in the market was incredibly compelling - it's the chance to help managers regain control of their business and to capitalize the intellectual property that is buried in their daily communications," said Bluming.
In 2000, Abridge was selected by Red Herring as one of the most promising technology companies on the East Coast and in May 2001, was included in Fortune Small Business's list of 65 Hot New Companies.
Abridge for Enterprises is a patent-pending application that works by capturing, interpreting and dynamically acting on the content of messages exchanged within and between enterprises.
The Abridge application is among the first I have seen that effectively addresses the critical nature of integrating email information into business processes," said Dana Gardner, research director of the Aberdeen Group.
The Abridge system integrates with existing communication tools by taking advantage of the courtesy copy (cc:) feature found in virtually all email programs and on all devices.
At the core of Abridge for Enterprises is the company's Expert Messaging(TM) platform, a patent-pending system that can parse, structure, and act on content from any standard message using dynamic rules and natural language processing.
Abridge operates like a start-up, but has the funding and management of a major business venture, which is very exciting to be part of," said David Mittelmann, senior vice president, operations and service at Abridge.
Abridge has raised $7 million in Series B financing from Venrock Associates, EMC Corporation and Angel Investors, LP.
Prior to starting Abridge, Stevens was the head of marketing for New York Times Digital, the online division of The New York Times Company.