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discharge bad feelings or tension through verbalization

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Take the Abreact Performance Space, which doesn't charge admission and is subsidized by its four directors, one of whom uses his loft as a venue for its mostly modern-drama fare.
from the others until we are They are the culprit, and 1 want willing to help and be kind to to cry loudly and abreact.
Before his recent move to Eugene, he was the artistic director of the Abreact, a theater group in Detroit.
Because these ruins are the product of a writing of melancholy--the failure to abreact loss through the work of mourning--they have the dialectical force to shake our beliefs in the ontological certainty and stability of late-capitalist reality.
The impulse behind ordinary narrative, Brooks says, derives from the same urge to abreact stimulus that Freud describes in Beyond the Pleasure Principle, a reluctant call to life that produces an insistent, "arabesque squiggle" toward the end.