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Synonyms for abrasiveness

the roughness of a substance that causes abrasions

the quality of being sharply disagreeable

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Digging chain lifecycle is related directly to the abrasiveness of the material in which the machine is operating in.
In fact, a total of 18 drilling parameters were gathered in this study: depth, torque, rotational per speed (RPM), weight on bit, flow rates, active PVT, pump pressure, hook load, differential pressure, mud weight, mud viscosity, formation drillability, formation abrasiveness, UCS, porosity, bit size, and bit type.
It is understood, however, that new coach Jones admires his abrasiveness and feels that by selecting him as skipper he would set the tone for a forward pack that Jones would like to rediscover its hard edge.
Styles are different: folk and Celtic twilight (Bax); laid-back, occasionally ambling, lyricism (Dyson); Bliss's hyperactive, colourful virtuosity (written for Anglo-Italian fiddler Alfredo Campoli) and Veale's almost Malcolm Arnold-like mixture of romanticism, the soloist's swooping portamenti written into the score, and abrasiveness.
The factors include the conveyor speed, belt width and splices, as well as the material's abrasiveness and moisture content.
K, greatly improved dispensability, significantly reduced abrasiveness, and stable performance for more reliable electronics in harsh automotive underhood environments.
k, greatly improved dispensability, significantly reduced abrasiveness and stable performance for more reliable electronics in harsh automotive underhood environments.
High efficiency and wear resistance is very important because large capacity and high abrasiveness are two key features for dry mortar or any building material.
McIlorum's game is a lot about physical aggression and abrasiveness and he will be urging Wigan forward in the middle of the field.
Abrasiveness quoted in quantitative terms can allow alteration in the composition of tool material to fit to the rock conditions thereby saving cost and time in tool replacement.
The abrasiveness of Hartley ultimately decided it in the England front row's favour.
The abrasiveness of Hartley decided it in the England front-row's favour, but now that Best is heading to Australia he has his sights set on the Test team's No.
There is always going to be an element of abrasiveness in such a relationship; and if there isn't, there should be.
While technically a high performer, his abrasiveness and domineering style alienated all around him--despite coaching and counseling there was no improvement.
They brought with them sophisticated laser measuring equipment in order to assess the abrasiveness of the circuit by examining closely the spacing and shape of the stones that make up the aggregate.