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a tool or machine used for wearing down or smoothing or polishing

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Modern knappers often prefer a grinding wheel over a sandstone abrader.
Abrader material was introduced into the wind stream through 6 tubes about 10cm above the surface and 1.
Still visible are abrader grooves where the people made stone tools, and shell middens which, after about 5,000 years of continuous occupation, are about 15 feet deep, he added.
My own view is that this is a flaked, hammer-dressed and ground piece, the grinding having been effected by a hand-held abrader rather than a static grindstone.
Abrasive-wear testing was conducted on an Armstrong Abrader model CS-70 following ASTM D1242.
Abrasion resistance shall be measured via a Taber Abrader using CS-10 wheels and 1,000 gram load.
The abrasion resistance was measured with an angle abrader (at low severity (2[degrees] slip angle), medium severity (6[degrees] and 12[degrees] slip angle), and high severity (16[degrees] slip angle).
Corneal Protector, Cutter, Wire, Dermo Abrader, Double Approximator, DRILL Electro Torque Microprocessor Control Console 230v, Elevator, Skin, COTTLE, Fat Transfer Set, Forceps, Gouge, Hump, PARKES, Hook, Micro plating system, Liposuction machine, Metzenbam Scissors, Microvascular Single Clamp, Multi-blade Hair Transplant System with Forceps, Needle Holder / Scissors, GILLIES, Plastic Cheek Retractor, Plates and Screws for Facio Maxillary, Vessel Dilator, Hydrocolloid, Calcium Alginate with CMC Molecules
Fishhook manufacturing tools from Peva's Archaic period deposit are few, including one Porites file, one branch coral (Acropora) file and one sea urchin spine abrader (Bollt 2008:Fig.
A Zwick Din abrader was used to measure the abrasion resistance as per ASTM D-2228 and the samples were abraded of for about 3 min.
Using a standard Taber abrader set up of 1000 g applied to CS-17 wheels, the coatings were subjected to 1000 cycles of wear.
Abrasion of crusted soils: Influence of abrader flux and soil properties.
Abrasion resistance was measured using a Taber Industries 5700 linear abrader.
Al2 O3 crystal powder fro microderm abrasion, 1 kg bottle, Diamond fraises (for motorised derma abrader machine of various sizes and shapes), Liquid Nitrogen for cryogun, Glycoric Acid (Peeling Agent) 70% 500ML.