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Synonyms for abrade

Synonyms for abrade

to make (the skin) raw by or as if by friction

Synonyms for abrade

rub hard or scrub


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The system affords clinicians substantial procedural control, including the ability to select the therapeutic agent(s) of their choice and to continuously circulate, irrigate, abrade, extravasate and evacuate the treatment site while mitigating the systemic release of the agent.
Unlike most grinding wheels that abrade the metal surface of the casting, cutoff wheels actually cut metallic materials.
Then, the floor will be buffed lightly to abrade the surface.
When a transducer is positioned too far upstream in the barrel, unmelted pellets may abrade pool of melted plastic will build up between the transducer tip and the screw flights.
Klamen's slight, dissonant dislocations mostly wane in comparison with the overly determined contexts they seek to abrade, and he appears most clearly located as an artist in his ongoing paean to the possibilities still present within the traditions of art history.
Then, the floor is buffed lightly to abrade the surface.
Particles abrade against each other at high speed in complex vortices, knocking off paper particles.
Once trapped, these objects can slowly abrade the screw and barrel until the screw is pulled and the object removed.
For safety reasons, NNC Duct features unique smooth rounded edges to protect installers from injury and abrade wiring insulation.
The SilkPeel is geared to not abrade past the stratum spinosum layer, maintaining a gentle abrasion that still is protective in the skin.
Innovative Technologies has commercially licensed or is currently developing a wide range of polymer-based products, including cost- effective wound dressings that afford significant performance advantages over conventional products; polymer-coated catheters and tracheal tubes that can be inserted more easily with far less likelihood of infection or other negative consequences for the patient; non-latex medical and clean-room gloves that are non-irritating, enhance the sense of touch and do not abrade or produce particles; and a waterproof, breathable hydrophilic polyurethane fabric coating, designed in conjunction with Advanced Materials Group, which holds worldwide marketing rights for the product.
6 A corneal ulcer, where something abrades the surface of the cornea at the front of the eye.
As round wire abrades due to the aggregate flow over and through the screen cloth, the openings become larger and the wire diameter becomes smaller.