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All these actions are above board and our conscience is clear.
Non-members are encouraged to attend two meetings, then consider joining us to be part of the Above Board Chamber of Florida.
At the House Committee on Government Enterprises and Privatization hearing Wednesday that probed the controversial GOCC bonuses, Colmenares questioned if the bonuses were above board considering that the GOCCs have not fulfilled the requirements set by law.
For surface mount applications where above board height is limited, these connectors are ideal with an above board profile of 0.
New Delhi, Mar 17 ( ANI ): President Pranab Mukherjee has said that the conduct of the media should be above board and the highest standards of ethics should be professed always.
Indeed, it appears that countless councillors up and down England, from any and all parties, are doing much the same as he is and it is all above board.
There are 10,000 international and local observers overseeing the voting to make sure the process is above board.
Golden Boy chief executive Richard Schaefer said "Las Vegas is probably the best commission in the world and I know they are going to make sure that everything is going to be totally above board.
He insisted he knows nothing about the dodgy letters and added: "Everything we have sent in has been legit and above board.
Chris's expulsion about ten years ago for actively supporting another party, The Greens, in local electoral competition with Labour, was above board and indeed mandatory within rules.
When I read or hear on TV that Mr Annan's words were taken into account and given due consideration, I will accept that the inquiry is honest and above board.
The pair spotted my snapper and giggled hysterically, but I'm told it's all above board as Claire's already spoken for.
He told Mr Brown: "It is absolutely essential to have a system of allowances which MPs claim - most of it of course is for our staff - that the public can have confidence in, that the allowances are legitimate, above board, and simply make sense.
In a sign of the times, ITV has called in Electoral Reform Services to ensure voting on The People's pounds 50 million Lottery Giveaway programme, which will decide the fate of the Black Country scheme, is above board.
On the subject of allowances, these councillors are voted into their posts by the constituents who expect these individuals to be honest and above board.