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Synonyms for about-turn

change direction


  • change direction
  • reverse
  • about-face
  • volte-face
  • face the opposite direction
  • turn about or around
  • turn through 180 degrees
  • do or perform a U-turn or volte-face
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effort to refer the matter to the Security Council, Syria about-faced and pledged to fully cooperate with international nuclear inspectors.
As luck would have it, the bull about-faced, took a few steps toward him, and turned broadside at 14 yards.
Rather than face a political backlash over yet another reversal--the Liberals had about-faced on their other election promises to scrap the GST and the Pearson airport project--the Sea King replacement project simply went into limbo.
I about-faced, and it was him: braids replaced by a processed pageboy, teale-and-black basketball jersey, baggy olive-drab shorts.
Through these events, the military's opinion that mines are a nuisance has about-faced.