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Terms for good and bad sense, thinking, counsel, judgment, learning, and decision are liberally mixed with the terminology of piety and justice in the discussion of both Creon's and Antigone's positions: aboulia and euboulia; manthanein and amathia; nous, xunnoia and anoia; phronein, phrenes, phronema and aphrosune; moria; gnome and gignoskein; hamartanein and harmartia; ate; and a variety of cognates and alternatives.
Manifestations of Sally as a concomitant consciousness would take the form of automatic writing, instigation of aboulia, obsessions and imperative impulses affecting the primary consciousness, accurate, rational reports of what the primary consciousness did while the primary consciousness was in a state of delirium, and reports about dreams which were forgotten by the primary consciousness.
than T S E'S April visions back in 1922, when he spent a few months in Lausanne, putting finishing touches on What the Thunder Said while nursing a Vivien-induced psychosomatic aboulia.
It is related to the aboulia one finds in some cases of obsessional neuroses and to the paralysis of will associated with severe depressions.
1838) spoke of aboulia ('inability to act'), where one's body failed to respond to mental commands (such as moving one's arm).