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a human fetus whose weight is less than 0

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New real-time PCR tests for species-specific detection of Chlamydophila psittaci and Chlamydophila abortus from tissue samples.
The Department of Agricultural Resources, Division of Animal Health (the Department) requests responses from vendors to provide 5 dose vials (box) of RB-51 Brucella Abortus.
neutralized hepcidin by a monoclonal antibody in the Brucella abortus mouse model of anemia of inflammation and found it to restore responsiveness to EPO (211).
Some examples of these pathogens include the bacteria Escherichia coli 0157:H7, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Brucella abortus, and Leptospira spp.
In het tweede geval worden de Makkabeeen door de ultraconservatieve radiozender als voorbeeldfiguren opgesteld voor strijd tegen "de liberale tendensen" (liberalnym tendencjom) in Europa: homoseksualiteit, abortus, "discriminatie van christelijke en nationale waarden" (dyskryminacji wartosci chrzescijanskich i narodowych, uit de preek van bisschop Ignacy Dec op 11 november 2007).
Brucella abortus, Leptospira, Campylobacter fetus and Tritrichomonas foetus.
Landelijke Abortus Registratie 2006 [National Abortion Registry 2006].
Caulobacter crescentus (2), Photobacterium leiognathi (3), Brucella abortus (4) Haemophilus species (5) Legionella species (6) Actinobacillus and Pasteurella species (7), Escherichia coli (8,9), Salmonella Typhimurium, S.
Blood was analyzed for the presence of antigens against Leptospira, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus, bovine viral diarrhea virus, parainfluenza-3 virus, and bovine respiratory syncytial virus in 2005; analysis was conducted for Brucella abortus in 2005, 2006, and 2007.
Brucella abortus is found in cattle, Brucella suis in pigs, Brucella melitensis in sheep and Brucella canis is found in dogs.
Keratinizasyon bozuklugu nedeniyle etretinat ve asitretin alan 23 hastanin 25 yillik geriye donuk incelemesinde toplam 23,7 yila kadar retinoik asit kullanildigi gozlenmis, hastalarin kan lipidlerinde artma, karaciger enzimlerinde artma, 1 hastada diffuz id-yopatik hiperosteozis, 1 bayan hastada 2 erken spontan abortus haricinde yan etki gozlenmemistir (16).
Phase I trial of intravenously administered endotoxin (Salmonella abortus equi) in cancer patients.
Humans usually contract the Brucella bacteria from unpasteurised milk and cheese, however zebras, antelope and other South African fauna can carry a species that causes spontaneous abortions, Brucella abortus.
Mice were first vaccinated with Brucella abortus O-polysaccharide vaccine.