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Synonyms for abort

Synonyms for abort

to bring forth a nonviable fetus prematurely


Words related to abort

the act of terminating a project or procedure before it is completed

terminate before completion

Related Words

terminate a pregnancy by undergoing an abortion

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On Wednesday Mail Today had reported that on Saturday night flight UA- 83 was forced to abort the take off at around 11.
Badges for the abort test will be available Tuesday, May 5, beginning at 8 a.
ie , she drank warm ale and "ran till she dropped" in an attempt to abort her pregnancy but her efforts were unsuccessful.
The last airspeed seen before initiating the abort is likely the last one we remember, and that is the speed we reference when deciding what braking technique to use.
Initially, I refused to abort the foetus and tried to talk him into marrying meEoACA* he got me 10 gold-yellowish pills.
When he learnt that she was pregnant, he assaulted her and made her abort.
Lockheed Martin and NASA have planned a series of ground and flight tests for the launch abort system over the next few years leading up to Orion's first crewed flight to the International Space Station scheduled for 2015.
She accused doctors of encouraging women to abort foetuses just because they were not "quite perfect" and said: "Women shouldn't be put in the position where they are under pressure to abort from the medical profession.
Instead of grieving for a baby she was forced to abort, she is celebrating a precious child who survived against the odds.
If an outbreak is controlled with antibiotics one year and a vaccination regime is instituted as is advisable, remember some ewes that picked up the infection from the initial outbreak will carry it through and abort the following year.
Bibiane's decision to abort creates a vortex of angst that intensifies when she hits a fish monger while driving under the influence of alcohol and her own misery.
The two succinct articles on abortion in The Muslim World are timely contributions to the evolving question of when or whether to abort the fetus, and under what circumstances.
The pilot had to abort takeoff because he saw engine trouble, Garuda said.
In Sita's Daughters the audience meets an idealistic doctor who trains in gynecology and returns to her hometown to help women, only to find that her patients abort female babies when advised of the child's sex.
If we put aside the three difficult cases just mentioned, I think that it is highly likely that each of us would be prepared to surrender any future right to abort in order to escape today the finality of an abortion.