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Synonyms for aborigine

original inhabitant


Synonyms for aborigine

a dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived

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Aborigines have suffered most from alcohol brought by Europeans, but society as a whole was affected, he said.
He computes that death toll at 117, after listing "every killing of an Aborigine between 1803 and 1834 for which there is a plausible record of some kind.
Lurking in the background is a theory that the Aborigine 'problem' will eventually be bred out of existence.
Sorry" is the first word on the series of images which appear at the Adelaide Aborigine Museum listing the atrocities inflicted on the indigenous population.
This Aborigine team team arrived home the same year the 'Aborigine Act' became law, forcing Aborigines to relocate to missions and reserves.
I went to an Aborigine camp to sign the lads and when I came out I found the hub caps were missing from my car," smiled McGarry.
500 to 600 victims were Taiwanese aborigines (including Pinpu and Bunun tribes), accounting for 80 percent of the total number of victims nationwide.
G20 Summit opened with colorful ceremony including dances which was performed aborigines, known as the native community of Australia.
The Aborigine woman fled in total fear, then this guard turned his racist attitude on to me.
What about those from Australasia or Oceania, like the Aborigines of Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and the dark-skinned Melanesians of the Pacific?
Polis had posted racist remarks about Liam Jurrah, an Aborigine and one of the Demons' star players.
A one-two punch of migrations into Asia, including early interbreeding with the mysterious Denisovans, also emerges from an inspection of an Aborigine man's DNA, led by geneticist Morten Rasmussen of the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.
Mary visits a nearby Aborigine housing estate, or so-called reserve, where she is stunned by the conditions.
It is known that Hambroek eventually arrived at Tilaossen, but it is not known if he led a group of Dutch people in the flight to Alishan, the territory of Chou Aborigine.
THOUSANDS of cheering wellwishers greeted Prince William yesterday as he visited an aborigine community in Australia.