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Synonyms for abominate



Synonyms for abominate

to regard with extreme dislike and hostility

Synonyms for abominate

find repugnant

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Pitt, whom she abominates, finds it convenient to go to town.
Finally the author lures readers to take a close look into the mirror to acknowledge how the liberal minded abominate the right of Religious worship in foreign countries, while our Constitution gives everyone on U.
BAGHDAD / Nina /-- Mottahidoon Lilislah / united for reform / coalition firmly condemned the closure by security forces the mosque of al-Imam al-dham / Great Imam / Abu Hanifa / counting such acyt as a blatant attack on great religious symbol and abominate practice against this symbol that more a half billion Muslims are of his followers.
One could argue and say it matters not where the donations come from but I abominate those who are cashing in on Stephen's illness by their own self-interest by taking advantage of the situation, promoting themselves or their business.
But no swine, which both Jews and Mohammedans abominate.
On this, My dying day, I hate, disdain, abominate Nazi Germany,
Being a Roman Catholic myself, I abominate what has happened in the past to the men and women who were violated by priests, who ordained to become pillars of the Roman Catholic Church.
George Mason warned against maintaining peacetime standing armies-"I abominate and detest the idea of a government, where there is a standing army," to quote him exactly--but James Madison thought that a "government of a federal nature" could be entrusted with "one of the greatest mischiefs that can possibly happen.
A]ll cultures abominate murder, theft, treachery, dishonesty, and other cardinal vices.
I abominate and detest the idea of government, where there is a standing army," George Mason told Virginia's ratifying convention.
When she echoed the rhetoric of the book of Revelation 6:16 (8), for example, she prophesized that many of the "sable-skinned Africans" that White Americans abominate would excel in "the kingdom of heaven as the stars forever and ever.
29) As late as 1672, while justifying the English conquest of Jamaica, the English editor and publisher Richard Blome noted that "Indians, who are the natural proprietors of America, do abominate and hate the Spaniards for their cruelty and avarice; and upon every occasion will shew their willingness to give themselves and their Countreys, freely into the power and protection of the English.
14) According to Crapol, one of his biographers, it was the three years experience as a teacher in this private school that caused Blaine to abominate slavery and become a lifelong opponent of discrimination and inequality.
I certainly do not abominate Paxson's book (the "exposition" in question) and give it good marks as fiction.