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No doubt he must have been abominably sea-sick and abominably unhappy --this soft and passionate adventurer, taken thus out of his knowledge, and feeling bitterly as he lay in his emigrant bunk his utter loneliness; for his was a highly sensitive nature.
Are we so abominably selfish, that we can be concerned at others having possession even of what we despise?
Emerging, he said in quieter tones: "This station's abominably organized; if I had my way, the whole lot of 'em should get the sack.
When the visitor has mounted the crumbling steps of this ancient donjon, he reaches a little plateau where, in the seventeenth century, Georges Philibert de Sequigny, Lord of the Glandier, Maisons-Neuves and other places, built the existing town in an abominably rococo style of architecture.
A general smile followed, in which Wolf Larsen joined, and the dinner went on smoothly, thanks to me, for he treated me abominably the rest of the meal, sneering at me and patronizing me till I was all a-tremble with suppressed rage.
No, never, upon my word," said the head under the neckcloth, shaking very much--"that is, yes--what abominably cold weather, Miss"--and herewith he fell to poking the fire with all his might, although it was in the middle of June.
He's a hero but he's been chronically under-valued and treated abominably.
This would address the need for fuel, instead of importing cheap coal, and at the same time create work for some of the miners who were treated so abominably by the Tories.
The retired metal worker said: "Mr Warner has been treated abominably, but he should just shut his mouth and resign now with dignity before he is pushed.
Instead of more projects like the abominably named Battery Retail Park next door - which lost its good-looking 1871 neighbour Battery House earlier this summer thanks to a major Sainsbury's development - why can't we simply have The Heathlands of Selly Oak?
You were treated pretty abominably, that was the toughest part of my life.
And though he and the other prisoners were treated abominably by most standards, and numberless thousands perished in the Gulag (work camp) System from overwork and starvation, his was not a "death camp" as we understand the term.
There is undoubtedly a problem with young children in some areas behaving abominably.
Teachers today are doing a wonderful job under pressure - and are greatly undervalued thanks to the present Government which pays them lip service but, at the same time, treats them abominably.