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a reformer who favors abolishing slavery

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Bodanza explained the history of slavery, the abolitionist movement, and the remarkable life of Frances Drake to the children of the BGCFL.
Critique: A simply fascinating read from first page to last, "Ain't No Harm to Kill the Devil: The Life and Legacy of John Fairfield, Abolitionist for Hire" is a deftly written biography of a remarkable man who lived in perilous times.
14) Certainly, Sands believed abolitionist sentiment within these northern organizations was pervasive, but he still desired to leave cautiously.
Ultimately, McClay sees the abolitionist imagination as important because it expanded American intellectual possibilities.
Noting that authors such as Hawthorne did not side with or against the abolitionist movement, he posits that antebellum American literature "came to be valued for the case it made for compromise and moderation--for the middle ground that vanished as the nation descended into fratricidal war" (39).
Much of this evidence is directed to showing Darwin's association with the development of the abolitionist movement among the middle-class of an increasingly industrialized England.
Abolitionists in Britain were determined to prevent it.
7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- More than a century and a half after he was first denied admission to the Allegheny County Bar because of the color of his skin, George Boyer Vashon, an African-American legal scholar and abolitionist, will officially be admitted to the state bar by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in a ceremony to be held on October 20 at 9 a.
This thesis proceeded to shape slavery debates for the next six decades, and restatements of it could be heard in American reactions to subsequent slave rebellions and the growth of abolitionist sentiment throughout the Anglo-Atlantic.
The museum is the first of its kind in the world to look at both sides of the story - not just the hard work of the abolitionist movement in this country, but the stories of the rebellion and bravery of enslaved people throughout the world.
The storm of backlash plunged Child and her husband, already cash-strapped from their joint abolitionist work, into financial despair.
Dreems Community choir, who made it to the last 15 of the Last Choir Standing contest, was due to sing at The Public, in West Bromwich, alongside storyteller Clive Cole, who plays the part of Britain's leading black abolitionist, Olaudah Equiano.
Women's societies, Salerno demonstrates, pioneered many important abolitionist strategies.
In 1856, South Carolina Representative Preston Brooks went to the floor of the Senate and used his cane to beat abolitionist Senator Charles Sumner senseless.
Similarly at this time, those opposed to slavery as well as those who viewed foreigners (especially Catholics) as a threat, also organized politically in the state; the fact that many Whigs also harbored abolitionist or nativist sentiments would continue to vex Seward during his four years as governor.