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It is only fair to add that, of the witnesses giving evidence--oral and written--before the Commissioners, fully one-half regard the Irregular Marriages of Scotland from the Christian and the civilized point of view, and entirely agree with the authoritative conclusion already cited--that such marriages ought to be abolished.
I do wish that the custom of calling a dead body `the remains' could be abolished.
He came to believe not only that human nature is essentially good, but that if left to itself it can be implicitly trusted; that sin and misery are merely the results of the injustice springing from the institutions of society, chief of which are organized government, formal religion, law, and formal marriage; and that the one essential thing is to bring about a condition where these institutions can be abolished and where all men may be allowed to follow their own inclinations.
Pretension never wrote an Iliad, nor drove back Xerxes, nor christianized the world, nor abolished slavery.
So far from complying with this their inclination, by which all hopes of reformation would have been abolished, and even the gate shut against her if her own inclinations should ever hereafter lead her to chuse the road of virtue, Mr Allworthy rather chose to encourage the girl to return thither by the only possible means; for too true I am afraid it is, that many women have become abandoned, and have sunk to the last degree of vice, by being unable to retrieve the first slip.
Gratitude was to be abolished, and the virtues springing from it were not to be.
In 2002 the health authority was abolished and replaced with four Primary Care Trusts.
Student fees are to rise in England, but in Scotland they have been abolished.
IT was the news all first time house buyers were waiting on - stamp duty on second hand houses up to EUR317,500 is to be abolished.
Every charity or local sports club who run pools-based competitions will see their tax liability abolished too.
Other speakers exhorted this panel to move beyond the parameters of its mission, arguing that the death penalty process in Illinois could not be reformed, could not be fixed--it could only be abolished.
The proposal angered taxpayer groups, who said Californians want the car tax abolished altogether.
The Kasich plan would have abolished the Interstate Commerce Commission, halted federal land purchases for five years, and frozen cost-of-living allowances for military retirees younger than 65.
ANKARA (CyHAN)- In the wake of a recent proposal by the prime minister that Turkey may discuss bringing back the death penalty, Parliament has made a brief study about the practice of capital punishment around the world and has found that the punishment has been abolished in 97 countries and it is still in practice in 58 others.