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He had lived all his life in Carlisle; and all the Carlisle people knew of or about him--although they thought they knew everything--was that he was painfully, abnormally shy.
It came in the shape of a call from a certain young woman with unnaturally pink cheeks and abnormally yellow hair; a young woman who wore high heels and cheap jewelry; a young woman whom Miss Polly knew very well by reputation--but whom she was angrily amazed to meet beneath the roof of the Harrington homestead.
That the struggle between natural selection on the one hand, and the tendency to reversion and variability on the other hand, will in the course of time cease; and that the most abnormally developed organs may be made constant, I can see no reason to doubt.
Her boy, who rode rough-shod over her, was gone, and in his stead reigned a keen-faced youth, abnormally silent, who addressed most of his conversation to his father.
This child's disposition is abnormally cruel, merely for cruelty's sake, and whether he derives this from his smiling father, as I should suspect, or from his mother, it bodes evil for the poor girl who is in their power.
Things had indeed been very slow with us, and I had learned to dread such periods of inaction, for I knew by experience that my companion's brain was so abnormally active that it was dangerous to leave it without material upon which to work.
According to the company, ICD devices can monitor for and detect abnormally fast heart rhythms and deliver electricity to the heart to restore the heart's natural rhythm.
They identify and analyze ground water chemical composition, its variations, and its distribution patterns in the natural reservoirs; study the nature and spatial occurrences of abnormally high formation pressure and abnormally high pore pressure in the subsurface of unbalanced folding in the mobile belts; and consider the role such abnormalities play in the formation of faults, regional and local structures, hydrocarbon migration and accumulation, and the preservation and dissipation of hydrocarbon accumulation.
y Hypophosphatemia, in which the body contains an abnormally low level of phosphorus, may occur in some forms ofs of kidney disease and malabsorption syndrome (coeliac disease).
The researchers said that they found no evidence to suggest that paedophiles recruit a different brain network when exposed to faces of the preferred sex and age than individuals showing a normal preference for adults do and the same network is activated by the sexually preferred face, but the main difference is that in paedophiles that network is abnormally tuned to sexual immaturity.
DEC wants to hear about any white-tailed deer appearing sick or acting abnormally.
This can cause the eyelashes to grow abnormally and rub against the surface of the eye, which can cause pain, irritation and eye infections.
Abnormally low tenders with an emphasis on public tenderers.
Phimosis is a condition defined by the inability of the penis to be extruded beyond the preputial orifice due to either the absence of an opening or an abnormally small orifice.
Of the 113 patients with abnormally high ALT (greater than 48 U/L), 8 (7%) were diagnosed with a condition other than nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, said Dr.