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The abnormalcy attribution for behavior of this sort is doubled when the behavior actually attacks African life and culture.
Another justification for applying the abnormalcy attribution to SBSLB is the "harmful dysfunction analysis" which posits mental disorder
The race-maintenance and harmful dysfunction criteria for abnormalcy attribution establish SBSLB as mental disorder.
The attributions of abnormalcy, pathology, and inappropriateness hold sway, not the attribution from data compiled in research that "these-people-are-normal.
They are not happy living in the borderland between normalcy and abnormalcy.
Thus disability is conceived of as a condition of organic abnormalcy attached to individuals, a condition that can vary according to severity, longevity, cause, and consequence (In Unison 1998:11).
Conceiving of disability as a condition constitutive of a distinct population allows for activities such as surveys of conditions of embodied loss or abnormalcy, the generation of disability rates, and such a conception allows for the implementation of programs geared at individuals "with" disabilities, e.
However, understanding this group as individuals who suffer a loss or abnormalcy of a biological or anatomical structure or function, and as those who fail to accomplish things in a way considered normal for a human being, grants a peculiar sensibility to the data.
Re-inventing herself does not include any discussion of her self-assertion as she negotiates a place as a disabled woman while she is regarded by others as the embodiment of abnormalcy.
61, 76-79 (1996) (discussing norm theory, which holds that "reaction to ail person in distress varies according to the normalcy or abnormalcy of his or her plight in ]another's] eyes").
In uncovering the dialectical relation between normalcy and abnormalcy, Davis's work is liberating both for the object and for the subject.
Such assurance is essential to the psychological health of gays and lesbians who in the past have been made to experience devastating feelings of guilt and abnormalcy.