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the branch of psychology concerned with abnormal behavior

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s (2014) analysis of psychological disorder stigma in abnormal psychology textbooks.
Table 5 shows that apart from abnormal psychology, no other applied courses were required in at least half the programs.
The current study seeks to explore the efficacy of a reflective teaching tool that appeals to students' sense of relevance by having them apply principles to their knowledge of concepts taught in an undergraduate abnormal psychology course.
In abnormal psychology textbooks, for example, the description of premodern understandings of psychopathology typically focus on demon possession, the burning of witches, and the mistreatment of people with psychosis and mental impairment (Comer, 2009; Holmes, 1997).
The intriguing topics and informative descriptions in Abnormal Psychology include commonly referenced disorders and how they are treated.
1988) Alcoholic-Spouse Interaction as a Function of Alcoholism Subtype and Alcohol Consumption Interaction, Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 97(2), 231-237.
Also, all abnormal psychology textbooks list harm to ones self or others as criterion for abnormal behavior.
Rachael is the course co-ordinator of developmental and abnormal psychology at USC and has worked extensively with children and adolescents within mental health and disability and within forensic domains.
The book was originally designed to supplement the core texts in abnormal psychology.
The book, now in its ninth edition, contends that studying abnormal psychology helps mental health professionals treat disorders more capably.
That's the conclusion of a new study published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology.
Movie trivia pop quiz: What do Christmas lights, a fondue set and a book on abnormal psychology have in common?
Designed as a supplement to core texts in abnormal psychology, this work by Wedding (U.
His previous books include Outline of Abnormal Psychology, Experimental Foundations of Clinical Psychology, and Stress and Performance in Diving.
Moreover, the binary between normal and abnormal psychology maintains modern power structures that look to "science" to give credibility to human conditions, stereotypes, and paradigms of social order.