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with competence

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The counter-plot was an able achievement, and ably carried out.
The various departments are ably edited, and we feel that we have reason to be proud of Our Magazine.
To deaden the shock, it was a pity that Barbicane was no longer able to employ the means which had so ably weakened the shock at departure, that is to say, by water used as springs and the partition breaks.
This subject has been ably treated by several authors, and I shall, in my future work, discuss some of the checks at considerable length, more especially in regard to the feral animals of South America.
Paul ably handled the house, there was one thing Saxon insisted on doing--namely, washing her own pretty flimsies.
Ably narrated by the author James Trueman, and enhanced with the inclusion of sound effects and theme music by Mikael Pettersson from a piece entitled 'pantheon Ian Venables--Stourhead Follies, each of the twelve chapters comprising "Uncle Sonny's Settee" is ably narrated and recorded.
No doubt Ben will ably handle any and all security on the matter.
Forged from harsh experience and astute observation, and ably presented in a grand oral tradition, "The Ballad of King George And Other Poems" is strongly recommended and rewarding reading.
Now this outstanding biography is available as a complete and unabridged audiobook on thirteen compact discs and which is very ably narrated by Paul Hecht, with a total running time of 15.
Paul Strathern has ably put Borges's life and work in a clear and understandable context.
ably summarizes the teaching of the Catholic Church on Purgatory, using quotations from a variety of sources, such as St.
Ably translated into English by Richard Zenith, "Education By Stone" offers a poetic landscape that focuses upon the seemingly trivial and intransigent and discovering more than meets the 'mind's eye'.
It takes public pressure, and it takes leadership -- which Villaraigosa has ably provided.
A smaller, more aggressively styled version of its larger brother, the Sport ably makes the Range Rover case to a younger, adventure-inclined, metro-living, upwardly mobile crowd,
wrote this commentary in his native French, and the original has been ably translated by K.