ablative absolute

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a constituent in Latin grammar

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Thus, for example, quomodo glosses adverbs, prepositional phrases, ablative absolutes - elements of discourse usually classified in quite separate places in medieval and modern instructional grammars but not in modern functional accounts of syntax.
365-6 aut tu mihi terram | inice, Ciris 442 iniecta Tellus tumulabit harena, iniecto pondere terrae would be an ablative absolute with causal effect: `and you could no longer raise your head, nymph, because of the weight of earth that had been thrown over you'.
candido is not taken to mean 'from a clear sky', but is recognized as an ablative absolute meaning 'the sky being clear, under a clear sky'.
6) Hence most scholars, guided more by the underlying idea than by the actual wording of Plutarch's account, take |lugubri prospectu' as an ablative absolute, coordinate with |completis .
One is to regard it as an ablative absolute, coordinate with the preceding |completis .