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a hypothetical organic phenomenon by which living organisms are created from nonliving matter

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And I am sure that many northeast music bands want to go out and play," added Arenla, vocalist, Abiogenesis.
Written in 1904, just a year or so after the Paris notebook entry, this passage provides strong evidence that Joyce's thinking about mental parasitism had already moved beyond Aristotelian abiogenesis to a conception of ideas and systems of thought as infectious contagions.
The explanation for abiogenesis, although it invokes processes that include one analogous to natural selection, also contains others, including a more thorough understanding of the second law of thermodynamics than that given above.
Nowadays, many workers believe that problem of origin of life is not of abiogenesis but of chemical energetics.
The metal actinides provide radiolytic energy, catalysis for oligomer formation and provide a coordinating ion for metalloenzymes all important in abiogenesis [6].
Instead, it is the RNA-world hypothesis that gives short shrift to the real problems facing naturalistic accounts of abiogenesis.
Read together with Abiogenesis, they appear as lively, even vital things.
A hypothesis regarding cholesterol based abiogenesis and its role in the evolution of universe is elucidated.
How it began is the purview of the far less developed field of abiogenesis, and a widely accepted theory has yet to be formulated for the origin of living organisms that could subsequently evolve.
Naad Barhma from Assam, Alice in Wonderland and Abiogenesis from Nagaland, Snow White from Shillong, and NE express from New Delhi were some of the bands that performed on the occasion.
Even so, Huxley is quoted as saying that "at some time or other abiogenesis musts have taken place.
Lal finds that prevailing theories like abiogenesis, RNA-World (the self-replicating RNA molecules), iron-sulphur world (deep-sea-origin of life) and 'panspermia' (life arrived from outer space) fail to provide clues on the exact origin of life.
Problems of abiogenesis theories which are unresolved today are:
There is a parallel here to biological processes--the repetition with variation that is the principle mechanism of evolution--and such resonances are all the stronger when one considers Adibi's interest in the notion of the spontaneous generation of life from inanimate matter (see, for example, Abiogenesis, 2009, or, less specifically, any of a number of works made with a precise shade of pistachio green that brings forth the otherwise imperceptible red in the unprimed beige fabric, animating chroma).