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Ability to select system defaults to meet users' individual practice needs.
Its strengths include multistate capabilities, support for New York City and other major cities' tax forms and the ability to handle complex returns.
Improvements desired: Earlier release dates, more technical information on bulletin board, use of mouse, ability to set data path, training manual, additional worksheets and forms.
Ability to run in "service bureau" mode, allowing for up to 99 different firms.
Their own evidence (buried in Appendix 6), as well as a vast literature in empirical social science, clearly indicates that controlling for ability lowers but does not eliminate the return to schooling measured in terms of earnings.
Accounting for ability weakens but hardly eliminates the role of education in raising earnings.
What little is known indicates that ability - or IQ - is not a fixed trait for the young (persons up to age 8 or so).
However, one of the most consistently documented differences between men and women--evincing what most people believe to be an innate aptitude--involves spatial ability.
One of the most commonly used measures of spatial rotation ability is the Vandenberg Mental Rotation Test, in which participants are shown a series of three-dimensional objects at varying angles and must determine which are identical.
That differences in spatial-rotation ability between the sexes might be innate is important because spatial rotation is a necessary skill for many of the elite, high-paying jobs in mathematics and the physical sciences.
The reason for the focus on ability is the belief, expressed in Savickas's (1994) observation, that "ability is the integrative construct for much of the rest of psychology" (p.
The following integration of some of the theoretical concepts into an ability assessment and its interpretation are organized according to seven of Super's theoretical propositions (as given in the list that follows Figure 1; Super et al.
In Figure 1, the Ability Areas rating chart illustrates how people differ in their abilities and, because norms are used, how an individual also differs from others on the same ability.
It's also not clear whether there is an underlying unity to g, since it's a fairly artificial measure that focuses on the ability to succeed at unfamiliar and out-of-the-ordinary tasks," he adds.
IQ tests and g may to some extent pick up on the ability to co- opt biologically primary skills for the acquisition of secondary skills in school or elsewhere," Geary contends.