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In symphonically varied tones, these letters present the mind and soul of a writer whose work led him to literary celebrity and yet nourishes abidingly the souls of men.
Thomas Crawford summarizes his view of the importance of popular song traditions by affirming that "each resurgence of the creative spirit in Scotland since 1707 has been associated with renewed interest in popular culture and with something of a 'folk revival'; each has felt the need to tap the popular tradition which is, perhaps, the most abidingly national part of our culture.
In Achtemeier's view, this limiting role of the canon also preserves as abidingly normative the New Testament writers' specific injunctions against certain behaviors, including homosexuality.
That even this modest goal is consigned to failure has less to do with the self-hating syndrome that afflicts the vast majority of Roth's characters than with an American ethos that beneath its veneer of acceptance is deeply suspicious of strangers and abidingly hostile to Jews.
Every bank preaches the virtues of customer service, but, in my experience, no one lives by those words as abidingly as this bank.
a minor nations oppositional, but abidingly patriarchal standards and
Descending down the Chain from real men, we arrive next at women, whose nature is essentially, abidingly, and pervasively viewed in slang as animal.
Just in case there are religious thoughts and sentiments widely experienced, abidingly efficacious, central to actually lived lives, it is not for the psychologist to await some "metaphysical" license before including them among subjects of interest.
Or do we see the self as something emerging from a wealth of social interactions, abidingly interdependent, ineluctably bound to others?
But this is obviously a car that is abidingly good at its job as a mid- range family workhorse.
It is a comprehensive guide, thoroughly researched, thoughtfully organized, abidingly optimistic, and written in a down-to-earth style.
Using the abidingly fractious issue of abortion as the background for his story of an orphanage, Irving refuses to conclude his novel with any facile statement either for or against abortion.
I think of her when I write and am abidingly grateful to her.
What are the fundamental and abidingly good structures, functions, and habits of nature and human communities that are key to any viable and good future?
It is further regarded as a sign of continuity with the apostolic witness to Christ that is abidingly constitutive of the church -- and, thus, as an effective bond of unity.