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one who helps or encourages or incites another


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In his capacity as "Prince over all nations and kingdoms," Pius V proclaimed that Elizabeth was "a servant of vice," "a heretic and abetter of heretics," and merely the "pretended queen of England.
A son or a daughter of parents in agricultural or elementary occupations has less reason in 2006 than in 1998 to believe he or she can aspire to abetter job than her or his father, the data shows.
Reva Polak was also charged with handling stolen goods, the proceeds of the alleged frauds and theft, between October 2007 and October 2011, to which Harris Polak was charged as an aider and abetter.
It is through abetter understanding of the intention and purpose of Scripture that we could understand where the stories come from, and what purpose they served when they were written.
COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP brings those not in work into the union community, linking families and workplaces together to strive for abetter, more caring society.
Lutheranism 101" is a Christian reference for those who want to gain abetter understanding of Lutheranism and what the church stands for.
An abetter in commercial wars, His face a picture of dejection.
When I see someone achieve that success with all those difficulties around the world, it really inspires me and it gives me hope that the world is changing in abetter way.
Among these growth patterns, tumors with any nodularity exhibited abetter OS (P = .
And the time is now to not only prepare, but to ensure abetter life for those who currently suffer and those who love them.
Besides providing a great benefit to Hong Kong investors by helping them to obtain abetter understanding of Hong Kong listed companies' performance, it is through the media network of Tencent that Mainland investors can access and understand more about Hong Kong listed companies.
The judge said: "We do not see how the jury could sensibly have acquitted Mr Moore and convicted the aider and abetter (Mr Watkins).
The cash secured by Coun Cook and fellow Labour members Cerys Furlong and Ramesh Patel will be used to clean up the area, resurface the paths and roundaboutandmake abetter entrance to Sanatorium Road park.
Abetter explanation, he says, is the undergraduate curriculum.