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The QRS during these forms of SVT should be the same as during sinus rhythm, unless there is aberrancy.
Each provides a well-balanced overview of aberrancy in affective states.
Thus the labyrinth allusion also helps to highlight a fundamental aberrancy in the mating choices characterizing this privileged, post-war world.
Though his immediate intellectual motivation is warranted (as a heartfelt reaction against the irrational aberrancy of the literal-fundamentalist science of Zia ul Haq's Pakistan), his solution in the notion of modern science as value-neutral is not, but is, indeed, an extreme inversion of the short-sighted fundamentalism he so abhors.
First published in 1986 as El hombre sentimental, The Man of Feeling is a brief, intense portrait of an aberrant artist, an artist of aberrancy.
This case illustrates that although a congenital vascular aberrancy may initially elude diagnosis, a thoughtful and thorough investigation can lead to identification of the anomaly.
I am moved by the special aberrancy of this lone wildgoose--
Oncogenic transformation may result from the aberrancy in these Gl and G2 mechanisms.