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The primary output from a multiple outbreak detection system is likely to be a ranking of aberrances in decreasing order of the statistical evidence underpinning them.
Is Pongnere doomed by her aberrance to be a marker of male-oriented tragedy?
As institutional "gatekeepers," medical authorities analyzed the scope of physical aberrance to confirm the level of risk to the organization.
In the modern, post-Enlightenment era war came to be regarded as an aberrance in liberal societies, "something utterly repugnant and futile, indeed, incomprehensible to the point of absurdity" (662).
Despite the seeming aberrance of such a principle within contract
In any other business, the police would probably have become involved, but this sort of thing seems to be shrugged off in Parliament as if it is just a minor aberrance.
Functioning a little like Disney's sanitized surfaces, the gallery context almost tempers the work's aberrance via its seamless edges and squeaky-clean corners.
these facts accord with the earlier point regarding the aberrance of
Ideas of aberrance have been common to most ways of thinking about drought throughout the modern period of Western culture--and they form the forefront of my research.
Identity politics is the cynical notion that homosexuality is so aberrant that the only reasonable response to it is to change homosexuals into heterosexuals, and failing that, to punish them for their aberrance by withholding civil rights.
Health is an illusive ideal we strive toward in keeping entropy at bay; it is the largely unanalyzed ground of illness and, in the passage above, of aberrance.
Given Surridge's final turn to the dismissal of domestic violence as aberrance, it is puzzling that she does not take up the question of aberrance in the other narratives she studies.
Topics range from the latest trends in educational theory and practice ("It is tricky" is one conclusion) to common but still inexplicable student and parental behaviors (apparently it is not cheating if one pays for one's term papers with one's own allowance), administrational aberrance ranging from the bizarre to the even more bizarre, and always-piquant observations from the sidelines.