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especially of muscles


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Speaking to reporters following a workshop in Ankara on Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister BE-lent Arync said the responsibility to prevent the PKK from abducting children and to return abducted children belongs to the Kurdish politicians representing the Kurdish population in Parliament.
We know that before or during school holidays is one of the most common times for a child to be abducted and so we''ve just launched a campaign to help inform and educate the UK public and encourage parents thinking of abducting their child to think twice before they cause significant distress to both the child and their family.
Abducting women and children is also common practice during raids.
According to him, only a well-organized group like Al-Qaeda could have undertaken such an operation, which involved abducting the woman in Hodeida and then moving her across three provinces to Shabwa.
He strongly chided the government (security agencies) for abducting its own Nationals, while at the same time failing to protect the lives and honour of its Nationals.
Earlier this week gunmen attacked two Afghan diplomats in Peshawar city abducting the Afghan ambassador in this city.
Rumiko was among the 13 Japanese North Korea admitted in 2002 to abducting in the late 1970s and early 1980s.