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Abdominal pregnancy occurs either as a result of tubal abortion or rupture (secondary abdominal pregnancy) or rarely as a result of primary peritoneal implantation (primary abdominal pregnancy).
Sonographic features denoting abdominal pregnancy include fetus being seen outside the uterine cavity, absence of the uterine wall between bladder and fetal parts, oligohydramnios, fetal parts located close to the maternal abdominal wall, and abnormal location of placenta outside the uterine cavity.
An unnoticed abdominal pregnancy may be a threat to the mother's life and can cause severe bleeding.
Some symptoms of abdominal pregnancy include gastrointestinal problems and painful fetal movements, explained Rabin.
Although there are no definitive ultrasonographic markers for a rudimentary horn pregnancy, advanced gestation, a well-defined placenta, and the presence of a myometrial wall can differentiate a rudimentary horn from an ectopic abdominal pregnancy.
In 1876, John Stubbs Parry was the first to present an authoritative treatise on abdominal pregnancy.
Primary abdominal pregnancy is characterized according to the following anatomic conditions: 1) normal tubes and ovaries, 2) absence of a utero-placental fistula, and 3) attachment exclusively to a peritoneal surface early enough in gestation to eliminate the likelihood of secondary implantation.
Advanced abdominal pregnancy is a rare, complex condition that demands careful management.
Abstract: Omental pregnancy is an extremely rare form of abdominal pregnancy.