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the jurisdiction or office of an abbot

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At the end of his eight-year abbacy, Abbot Griffiths went to work as parish priest of St Mary, Leyland, where he stayed for eight years before becoming Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle in 1992.
The second section provides a brief biography of the pope--Guillaume (III) Grimoard--until his election in 1362: his study of civil and canon law at Toulouse, Paris, and Montpellier; entrance into the Benedictine order; ordination as priest; university teaching career in both laws at Montpellier and Avignon; steady promotion in his order--eventually to the abbacy of St.
Malmesbury was rededicated to the Virgin under the abbacy of Aelfric (ca.
Approximately five years into Foscari's abbacy the apse of the church was reconstructed, making it larger and more luminous than the eleventh-century structure whose thick walls still delimit the interior of the crypt below the chancel.
The occupation of every see and abbacy by strangers who could only speak to their flocks in an unknown tongue had severed the higher clergy from the lower priesthood and the people; but religion became a living thing as it passed to the people themselves, and hermit and friar carried spiritual life home to the heart of the nation at large.
11) There was apparently some concern over the election, and on May 4, 1249, a bull from Innocent IV (12) to Henry of Guelders confirmed the election of William of Ryckel to the abbacy of Sint-Truiden, a confirmation perhaps sent at the request of William of Holland.
In the early 20th century, North Korea was home to a small but flourishing Catholic community, with two territorial dioceses and a territorial abbacy entrusted to the Benedictine order.
rb] a supplementary narrative of Abbot Waiter's abbacy (1113-61);(7) (iii) fols [60.
Masters Anselm and Ralph of Laon were achieving international fame, while Guibert was stuck in the insignificant abbacy of Nogent.
The construction of the new church is generally believed to have been initiated during the abbacy of Mathilde de la Ferte-sous-Jouarre, the abbess who seems to have invented the slipper ritual.
This visit must have taken place in 1180-1, since Baldwin was bishop of Worcester 1180-4 (after leaving the abbacy of Ford and before becoming archbishop of Canterbury), and we know from the Waverley Annals that Serlo died in 1181.
Recent leases were signed at 2160 North Central Road on behalf of Kim and Bae, a law firm; Carepath Solutions, a medical legal consulting company; and Ashford Abbacy, CPA, an accounting firm.