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(Arabic) a loose black robe from head to toe

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Poe blamed Abaya anew for the suffering of train commuters, noting that it was the ex-Transportation chief who 'decided on all the mess' happening with the MRT-3 system today.
This week, Roxas, Abaya, and other former officials of the Aquino administration were charged with plunder for their reported involvement in the anomalous multi-billion-peso maintenance contract for Metro Manila's main urban railway line, MRT3.
The complaint added that Abaya, who replaced Roxas as head of the DOTC in 2012, awarded the P517.
Ras Al Khaimah: Police want to honour a woman who used an abaya to save a driver with clothes aflame from a burning truck.
Apart from stating that only black abayas be worn, the notA[degrees] ice also specified that they not be formA[degrees]fitting, and if the abaya is an open one, then students must not wear anything too revealing underneath.
According to Secretary Abaya, the lack of investment in infrastructure and the development of roads in the past years have contributed to the worsening traffic condition not only in the capital city but also in other major cities, including Cebu and Davao.
And its demand is sky-high during the Holy Month of Ramadan when women happily go abaya shopping for themselves and to gift others before and during Eid Al Fitr.
BEIRUT: With the surge of ever-changing global fashion trends, the Arabian abaya has struggled to keep up, but several cutting-edge Lebanese designers are doing their part to make the traditional garment "trendy" again.
Dina Midiani stated that Indonesia is the most crowded Muslim country of the world and therefore abaya fashion gained ground.
The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) has set the City of Gold as a centrestage for innovative creations in contemporary wear, and its 19th edition takes great pride in showcasing the nation's notable attire through the Abbati Show, an exclusive fashion event featuring a line-up of abaya designers who have made a distinct mark in the region with signature pieces and high-end accessories.
Ghulam Rasool Mir, who owns Numan Abaya Store at the busy Amira Kadal Chowk area in Srinagar, earlier had a handicraft shop.
A man donned an abaya to pretend to be a woman so he could visit a park in the UAE on ladies day and perv, cops have said.
Diaz-Abaya was married to filmmaker Manolo Abaya and had two sons, Marco and David.
Having designed an abaya to constrain Kim's free-flowing curves, Hend is still unable to believe that her idol agreed to shed all inhibitions against being fully clothed and agreed to wear the traditional black robe that defines the Emirati culture.
The Dubai Mall, a leading shopping and leisure destination in Dubai will feature designers and fashion labels in the sheila and abaya industry as part of the ongoing Dubai Summer Surprises.