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a line of defense consisting of a barrier of felled or live trees with branches (sharpened or with barbed wire entwined) pointed toward the enemy

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STOKE PARK MASSIV': (From left) Rosie Kay, 14, Ross Abatis, 14, Chris Freestone, 14, Peter Hodgetts, 14, James Hobday, 14, Scott O'Neill, 14, Amarveer Bains, 14, and Zoe Ames, 14; D21186_6.
At the recent AGM of the British Pest Association (BPCA) in Edinburgh, it was agreed that Peter Priestley of Middlesex-based Abatis Ltd continue as President for the forthcoming Association year.
Halfway up the hill lay three rows of abatis, an obstacle composed of felled trees stripped of their leaves and smaller branches with remaining branches sharpened into points.
He put just over pounds 3m into Vancouver-based Abatis and was rewarded with a pounds 181m profit when it was sold last year.
The forest of the Tula Abatis consists mainly of middle-aged and old stands and harvested sites containing dense regeneration (Kurnayev 1980).
His other successes include Vancouver-based Abatis, set up with $5million and which he sold four years later for $1.
The ground then rose at an angle of 30 to 35 degrees to an abatis (heavy trees, cut down and arranged end to end, with the tops cut off and the branches sharpened and interlaced).
A case in point is the word faetfellere and its Latin counterpart abatis, from the class glossary in the dismembered manuscript Antwerp, Plantin-Moretus Museum 1 6.
With a history of backing winning teams, including Abatis Systems, Avesta Technologies, Bookham, Extreme Packet Devices, FastLane, NorthChurch, Orchestream, OctigaBay, PixStream, MEMSIC and Sandvine, Celtic House continues to produce superior venture returns in its target regions in Canada and Europe.
While the French menu looks very impressive, the Coquille de Crabes was probably what they knew as torta de cangrejo, which to us is tortang alimango/alimasag; the Abatis de Poulet a la Tagale could have been nothing but adobo under a fancy name; the Dinde Truffee a la Manilloise, just another relleno or perhaps a turkey galantina.
He ordered the construction of a number of abatis -- ramparts made of felled trees placed so that their bent or sharpened branches face out toward the enemy -- at right angles to the Chateauguay River thereby fortifying the ford across the river.
The 2nd Platoon, A Company, 10th Engineers, under First Lieutenant Adam Hess and Sergeant First Class Palmer, blocked approaches to Objective Moe by cutting down light poles to form a modern version of the ancient abatis, and by using an ACE, driven by Sergeant Miller, to push debris and burning cars into defensive berms.
4 per cent at Stoke Park school, students (front from left) Sach Chaven and Sophie Edwards, (back from left) Ras Bal, Mandish Bal, Sophie Abatis and Sam Ewart, have every right to look pleased with themselves.
Other successes include Vancouver-based Abatis, set up with $5 million and sold four years later for $1.