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a line of defense consisting of a barrier of felled or live trees with branches (sharpened or with barbed wire entwined) pointed toward the enemy

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In the Tula Abatis, ash is the most important forest tree species, forming both pure middle-aged ash stands and young plantations mixed with oak (Quercus sp.
His other successes include Vancouver-based Abatis, set up with $5million and which he sold four years later for $1.
T1: galiene T2: es T3: tangyng T4: e wyne T5: asmatic T6: joyntis T7: woman T8: it abatis T9: eghne
With a history of backing winning teams, including Abatis Systems, Avesta Technologies, Bookham, Extreme Packet Devices, FastLane, NorthChurch, Orchestream, OctigaBay, PixStream, MEMSIC and Sandvine, Celtic House continues to produce superior venture returns in its target regions in Canada and Europe.
The 2d had worked heroically to block the road to the east by felling trees and creating abatis, which were supplemented by mines and booby traps.
He ordered the construction of a number of abatis -- ramparts made of felled trees placed so that their bent or sharpened branches face out toward the enemy -- at right angles to the Chateauguay River thereby fortifying the ford across the river.
companies Bookham Technology , Synad (acquired by ST Microelectronics), Cavendish Kinetics and nCipher ; and Canadian companies Octigabay (acquired Cray), Abatis Systems (acquired by Redback Networks), Cambrian Systems (acquired by Nortel Networks), Extreme Packet Devices (acquired by PMC Sierra), FastLane (acquired by Quest Software), Tropic Networks, Ubiquity Software and ViXS Systems.
The 2nd Platoon, A Company, 10th Engineers, under First Lieutenant Adam Hess and Sergeant First Class Palmer, blocked approaches to Objective Moe by cutting down light poles to form a modern version of the ancient abatis, and by using an ACE, driven by Sergeant Miller, to push debris and burning cars into defensive berms.
4 per cent at Stoke Park school, students (front from left) Sach Chaven and Sophie Edwards, (back from left) Ras Bal, Mandish Bal, Sophie Abatis and Sam Ewart, have every right to look pleased with themselves.
John Seminerio is president of Abatis Systems Corp.
Its investments have been among the most successful in their respective regions: Cambrian Systems, Skystone Systems, and Extreme Packet Devices in Ottawa; PixStream and Sandvine in Waterloo; Abatis Systems and OctigaBay Systems in Vancouver; and Bookham Technology and nCipher in the UK.
The engineers manned roadblocks, laid mines and abatis, demolished critical bridges, and fought as infantry when needed.
The road, which ran some 300 yards to the left of the river as the Americans advanced, was intersected at the bend by a deep re-entrant where a cleared area provided a limited field of fire and the defenders erected a line of breastworks and abatis with a blockhouse next to the continuing forest.
The OctigaBay management team includes the founders and former senior managers of Abatis Systems Corporation, a company seed funded by Celtic House and acquired in September 2000 for US$636 million.