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  • verb

Synonyms for abate

Synonyms for abate

to become or cause to become less active or intense

to take away (a quantity) from another quantity

Synonyms for abate

make less active or intense


become less in amount or intensity

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Action was taken in light of further declines in economic activity, continued sluggish growth trends in money and credit, and evidence of abating inflationary pressures, including weakness in commodity prices.
The success of online gaming shows no signs of abating, and with PokerAffiliate.
Rats nest a few feet below the ground and come to the surface after excavation is done, not before, so abating rats on the surface prior to digging is useless, they argued.
The city's lawsuit seeks recovery of approximately $125 million for past and future costs for abating the lead paint often found on older houses.
Yankee fever is abating, but all eyes are still on the House that Ruth Built.
In addition to his current responsibilities, he will have operational responsibility for the Company's laboratory and scientific ultrasound and air pollution control systems segment including the Company's subsidiary Labcaire, which disinfects and rinses several endoscopes while abating the noxious disinfectant fumes.
In a prior article, the difficulty in abating penalties was demonstrated by examples of reasons held not to constitute reasonable cause, such as unfamiliarity with the gains tax or reliance on advice of tax professionals.
In addition, the Bush Administration is liberalizing drilling in the US, and the barriers against connecting natural gas transmission systems in the lower 48 states are abating.