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  • verb

Synonyms for abate

Synonyms for abate

to become or cause to become less active or intense

to take away (a quantity) from another quantity

Synonyms for abate

make less active or intense


become less in amount or intensity

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Literary violence gets a lot more attention now than in the past, partly because of changing child-rearing practices and the desire to protect children from the evils of the world, Abate maintains.
But Abate said she was surprised at how long her list grew as she thought about it.
A police raid discovered 13 people - including a drunk Abate - drinking after hours.
Abate said: "Giorgio is a very important player with international experience and strong physique but I'm sure whoever replaces him will be good enough to have a great game.
The court delegation debated the case under the new arrangement, and decided to abate it.
Each year in Texas, where the legislature freed riders 21 or older from the state's helmet requirement in 1997, Texas ABATE brings several thousand riders in motorcycle attire to the state Capitol in Austin, where they walk the halls, knock on doors, and explain their point of view.
I consider our program to be a success in that we have been able to abate the existing stockpiles, encourage local collection systems and promote higher end uses for scrap tires through our funding of the Clemson University Asphalt Rubber Technology Service (ARTS)," Jana White of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling Grants, Planning and Trust Fund Administration, says.
If the United States can return to the rapid and more broadly based growth that the country experienced during the first few decades after World War II or, more recently, the latter half of the 1990s--over time these unfortunate political and social trends will continue to abate.
If the council does have to take steps to abate the nuisance, the keeper of the vehicle will be responsible for all expenses reasonably incurred by it in carrying out the works ( which can run into hundreds of pounds.
It was the abate Scaglia's task to convince European monarchs and their ministers to make war or peace in a manner which would benefit his masters' own ambitions.
Generally, pursuant to voluntary disclosure, states will abate penalties for not filing returns and not paying taxes.
According to Sarasota attorney Tony Abate, 65,000 lawyers are members of The Florida Bar Association.
Although the necessary reallocation of resources to enhance security may restrain advances in productivity for a time, the long-term prospects for productivity growth and the economy remain favorable and should become evident once the unusual forces restraining demand abate.
If Angelenos conserve, then that amount could also be available to the state,'' Tharp said, adding that they'd be lowering their bills in addition to helping abate the crisis.
Owners who fail to comply with city orders to abate sites of rats are subject to fines, said James Gibson, Assistant Commissioner Veterinary and Pest Control Services for the Health Department's Bureau of Regulatory and Environmental Health.