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nocturnal burrowing mammal of the grasslands of Africa that feeds on termites

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According to Hooe, Aardvark paper straws are stronger and more durable than the old-time paper straws.
The win for Blue Aardvark Joinery is the latest in a long line of contracts that have included major projects for the BBC and for fast-food company McDonalds.
Google said it is winding down Fast Flip, which was unveiled in September 2009, and shutting down Aardvark as part of the closure announced last month of its experimental test bed Google Labs.
Abacus Aardvark has bigger problems than dealing with his off-beat name.
Google has been rushing to find a response to Facebook's social tsunami, and Aardvark apparently was an essential component for Google's push into social search.
Years ago a Kairdiff song asked "Why in' there an aardvark on the Castle Wall?
He spent 20 years penning the Oxford Companion to Food, an encyclopaedia "from aardvark to zucchini" of everything even vaguely edible.
has agreed to acquire Aardvark, a social search engine, as it continues to penetrate the social media business.
A 6ft mural of the 1970s comic book character Cerebus the Aardvark had brightened up a bridge near Blyth, Northumberland, for nearly three decades until its disappearance last weekend.
Un atractivo fue la presentacion del F-111 Aardvark (tambien de General Dynamics), de la Real Fuerza Aerea Australiana (RAAF), uno de los tres aviones que pueden mover sus alas (los otros son el B-1 Lancer y el F-14 Tomcat).
Aardvark Engineering is one of only two companies shortlisted in two categories for the British Engineering Excellence Awards.
The exhibition and awards are sponsored by the NCECA Board, Skutt Kilns, Clayworld, Spectrum Glazes, Aardvark Clay, Creative Industries, Studio Potter, American Ceramic Society through Ceramics Monthly, Clay Times, Ceramic Services, Axner, Trinity, Bailey, Ceramic Supply of N.
Aardvark Polymers has added three products to its rotomolding resin lineup.