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Children and their parents oohed and aahed at sea anemones and a lion fish with poisonous spikes on its back.
Visitors also oohed and aahed at the Reagans' private suite of offices and living areas, which are used by the Reagans to entertain guest speakers and world visitors.
The luncheon was held at the Beverly Hilton, where 725 glammed-up guests dined on cold, poached salmon and oohed and aahed over fashions by Holly Harp and William Pearson.
They oohed and aahed when a stained-glass reproduction of da Vinci's ``The Last Supper'' was unveiled.
The ``man-child,'' as some of the team parents call him, struck out 13 (in six innings) and allowed only three hits as Moorpark easily beat Marshalltown (Iowa) 7-3 before an estimated 4,500 spectators, many of whom oohed and aahed involuntarily throughout the performance of this 12-year-old phenomenon.
In burger heaven: Miz Hot Tips actually remembers when the first McDonald's came to Panorama City and burgers were 15 cents, so she oohed and aahed over the little ceramic replica of the original golden arches restaurant offered by the Official McDonald's Collectible Club for $19.