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Synonyms for aah

express admiration and pleasure by uttering 'ooh' or 'aah'

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Clinical data were retrospectively reviewed to screen for patients with CoA and AAH, with AAH diagnosed according to the CHD database.
Quantum has had a successful relationship with AAH since 2008 and under the terms of the contract extension, Quantum will continue to be the exclusive supplier of specials and special obtains - hard-to-source medicines or products that are not available from main pharmaceutical wholesalers - to AAH for the next five years, together with the provisions of certain order handling, procurement and distribution services.
John Sharp, |of St John Ambulance, with Keith Richards, driver AAH Pharmaceuticals and Ryan Robson, Ambulance team leader, St John Ambulance
The firm has said staff working the Lloydspharmacy retail network or AAH branch network would not be affected.
As a first move, Maleki wants to integrate AAH militia fighters into the government's security system.
I noted his email address and blocked Mr Aah Ooh permanently from my Facebook.
He recently joined AAH and is very hopeful that Qataris and other residents can be assured that high quality surgical and medical care will be delivered at the hospital.
AAH President Tyler Wilson says, "This study, unfortunately, perpetuates the myth that suggests [you] could order a power chair and have it dropped at your front door.
The project is developed by SIAMA, the subsidiary of AAH Group while EmaarAEs 5-star hotel and resort, Address, will play an advisory role during the design and construction stage.
Cardinal wholesales health products that sell fast and in large quantities and although Boots itself has a small ongoing 'short-line' wholesale service for popular health products, the Commission noted AAH and Phoenix remained direct competitors to a Boots-owned Cardinal, preserving choice in this sub-sector.
DUAL Chester winner Ooh Aah Camara, who finished tailed-off last in a Listed race at the track on Sunday, is to be given a break after returning home sore.
AAH 009, found swimming in a low-salinity canal, had 2 lacerations (2.
T' next mornin' Ah bumped inta Jooa in t' village an' asked 'im aah 'e'd gooan on at t' woodyard.
The singer - who came seventh in the 1996 Eurovision contest with Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit - will be performing her new song on the BBC1 UK Eurovision Selection show on March 5.