a priori

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Antonyms for a priori

involving deductive reasoning from a general principle to a necessary effect

based on hypothesis or theory rather than experiment

derived by logic, without observed facts


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According to Stone's reconstruction, Hegel makes four sorts of argument in favor of a metaphysical, strong a priori approach to nature--the first two largely untenable and the last two more promising but also ultimately flawed.
The appeal to (allegedly) a priori knowledge is central to Cassam's accounts of the possibility of perceptual knowledge and of knowledge of other minds.
Infallibilism about a priori justification is the thesis that for an agent A to be a priori justified in believing p, that which justifies A's belief that p must guarantee the truth of p.
BonJour's rationalism is that of a realist: a priori knowledge is rational insight into necessary features of reality.
The introduction criticizes the Kantian a priori which confers meaning on experience while remaining 'independent of experience and.