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The items were recovered and a pair of pliers were found in the aisle.
Webb-Harries got a pair of pliers and heated them, before burning Mr Goldsmith on the arm and back.
He was sent away empty-handed, only to return a short while later to ask if he could borrow a pair of pliers.
He was sent away empty- handed - only to return a short while later to ask if he could borrow a pair of pliers.
Mr Justice Hunt, sitting at Birmingham Crown Court, said the sentence was 'inevitable' after hearing how Andrew Dexter had caused serious injury to Sharon Franklin with a blow torch and a pair of pliers.
A BRUTAL Nuneaton man who tortured his girlfriend with a blowtorch and a pair of pliers before she died has admitted a charge of manslaughter.
This palm-size toolbox includes a pair of pliers (choose flat- or needle-nose versions), a cutting blade, wood saw, metal saw, metal file, can opener, bottle opener, ruler, flathead screwdriver, and a detachable socket bit holder equipped with six different bits magnetized to fit firmly to the adapter.
A TA soldier pulled his own teeth out with a pair of pliers - because he could not find a dentist to take on NHS patients.
Marsden was caught with the PS150 glasses and a pair of pliers in his bag.
McCard, 30, is also charged with going equipped to steal on two occasions - once with a crowbar and on another occasion with a screwdriver, a pair of pliers and two torches.
He was about to board a flight to Seattle from Heathrow's terminal four when he is alleged to have been carrying a three-inch lock knife, a pair of pliers and a screwdriver.
Discrete wire mounting can be performed with only a pair of pliers.
Using pliers - The jaws on a pair of pliers can mark soft woods or other softer materials when being used on them.
One woman said Keeble punched her unconscious during a bondage session at his decorating shop in Braintree, Essex, then tried to break her little finger with a pair of pliers.