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more than one but indefinitely small in number


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DECEMBER You might have to forgo a few school football games or ice-skating outings with the friends so you can focus on your grades.
The court found that the expenses of purchasing, maintaining and operating a personal Lear jet to make a few trips each year to Oregon and Utah were extraordinary.
Here are a few of the most common insurance errors and some recommended solutions.
We will need to work a few late nights, but the potential growth and profitability we've laid out in our vision plan is achievable with Raytheon's assistance," said Chris Leto.
Wu Tang Clan, a true "amalgam of energy," got it right a few years later in "C.
Requests for a few minor customizing modifications were accepted by the OEM--including installation of a special chip to provide outputs for the EPOS monitoring system.
Only a few standalone IBM PCs were shared among more than 80 employees.
And within a few months, we will offer a custom version of Provider HealthNet for PDA applications.
Several minutes later, Piniella went on to use a few Spanish-speaking phrases, which prompted Lyons to respond by saying Piniella was ``habla-ing Espanol'' then added, ``I still can't find my wallet'' and ``I don't understand him,'' and ``I don't want to sit too close to him now'' in regards to Piniella.
SCHOOL SCOPE You might have to bow out on a few weekend bashes or after-school athletic matches, like when a big report is due.
The three-story row homes were built a few years later, says Rooney, and his parents bought their property at 2739 North 20th Street in 1925.
An indefinite number of tenants, some squatters, no one paying rent, and court orders against harassment are only a few of the obstacles facing bidders on the Tenth Avenue and 42nd Street parcels, which include vacant land and 143 apartments.
The median (the middle value in a distribution above and below which lie an equal number of values) generally is considered more representative of a group than the average because the average can be unduly influenced by a few extreme values.