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usually tropical herbs or shrubs having ill-smelling foliage and flower buds that are used as capers: bean capers

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Many plants belonging to the genus Zygophyllum have been shown to cause various biological effects (Shabana et al.
The results suggest that the activity of the plant Zygophyllum fabago Linn, may be due to synergetic effect of active compounds including those investigated in the present studies; thus this plant is a potential candidate for obtaining future new remedy against the infectious diseases caused by urease producing bacteria.
Steinberger Y, Loboda 1 (1991) Nematode population dynamics and trophic structure in a soil profile under the canopy of the desert shrub Zygophyllum dumosum.
Zygophyllum * * Totals 85 54 53 50 Roots NC NT NWS NWP Acianthus spp.
In under-shrub microenvironments, samples were collected under the dominant shrub, 50ram from its stem; at sites LAV and MAT this shrub was Sarcopoterium spinosum; at site SDE it was Zygophyllum dumosum.
The shrub Zygophyllum dumosum, a chloride-absorbing xerohalophyte, creates 'islands of salinity' in the soil underneath its canopy, primarily as a result of its mechanisms of salt resistance.
obtusifolia in this study could be compared with the effect produced by Zygophyllum gaetulum; the administration of 1 g/kg per day of a decoction of the leaves from this plant reduced the fasting blood glucose by 50% by the third week.
Hypoglicemic response to Zygophyllum gaetulum extracts in patients with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.
12 OMITTED], Anabasis articulata and Zygophyllum dumosum, the typical semishrubs of the desert, grow in a diffused pattern.
Once in several years there are also suitable conditions for germination and establishment of large numbers of seedlings of Zygophyllum dumosum Boiss.