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colorless pungent crystalline compound derived from capsicum

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Most drug chains now carry both Zostrix and Zostrix-HP - which is noteworthy, considering the price points of $14.
Most drug chains now carry both Zostrix and Zostrix-HP, which is notable considering the premium retail price points of $14.
This is remarkable in light of the products' retail price points, which average just under $20 for Zostrix-HP and just under $15 for Zostrix," notes DiPrima.
What some find surprising is that the triple-strength product, Zostrix-HP, matches the regular strength in dollar sales where the two are displayed side-by-side.
Although Zostrix doesn't require a prescription, DiPrima asserts that two-thirds of prescriptions written for all topical analgesics in the past year were for Zostrix or Zostrix-HP, its triple-strength version.