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dividing an area into zones or sections reserved for different purposes such as residence and business and manufacturing etc

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Aside from zoning ordinances, the building, the petitioner said, also violates the National Historical Commission of the Philippines' Guidelines on Monuments Honoring National heroes, Illustrious Filipinos and Other Personages, which mandate that historic monuments and landmarks should assert a visual dominance over the surroundings.
Several towns are proactively revising their zoning ordinances to facilitate--rather than impede--this modern development model.
By making it economically infeasible for low-income households to live in the town, and by enacting zoning ordinances that preclude the development of affordable housing, the town has created a moat to keep out low-income households from both the county and other regions," the court concluded.
Following testimony by ATC and the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, the builder's requests to change zoning ordinances were rejected, as was the development permit.
Moore said there are two laws that apply to limit overcrowding in apartment buildings: a state lodging house law and a city zoning ordinance.
Part II contains a summary of zoning ordinances in general and California land-use law in particular.
While no known zoning ordinances address conservation easements as a use, a handful of states link conservation easements to land-use planning.
However, as discussed, the court held that the mandatory inclusionary zoning ordinance at issue was not facially unconstitutional because the ordinance permitted the local government to waive the requirement.
The MBTA sought a court order establishing its exemption from the zoning ordinances and directing the cities to cease enforcement activities.
4 cited Spears, who was ordered to comply with zoning ordinances within 30 days upon receipt of the notice, or the case would be referred to county prosecutors.
It's an easy one to point out, but the more effective ones are changes we are currently making to our zoning ordinances for landscape regulations for developers.
The issue appears most pronounced in urban and suburban neighborhoods developed in the early 1900s, when the construction of streetcar systems and later zoning ordinances served to concentrate apartment buildings along major roads.
Jennifer Downey fights local zoning ordinances to bring sex toys to the suburbs.
Kim demonstrated how the city's zoning ordinances might be transformed, yet it was unclear to what end.