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a city in southern Malawi

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Established in 1964, Unima is an educational institution and includes four constituent colleges namely, Chancellor College in Zomba, Polytechnic in Blantyre, College of Medicine and the Kamuzu College of Nursing (KCN) in Blantyre and Lilongwe.
Only a few weeks after arriving in Zomba, the kids tidied up their toys before bedtime by trying to stack books and Duplo blocks on their heads--just like the women they had seen on the roadside carrying water and wood.
He began his career at Zomba Music Publishing, where he served as Senior Vice President and General Manager.
Now we have the publishing deal with Zomba, who have signed the likes of Jamie T, The Mystery Jets and Daft Punk.
When he tried to separate the dogs, Zomba bit the tip of his little finger, leaving it shorter by half a centimetre and lacking in sensation.
Raitt was walking his dog at his home club of St George's Hill in Weybridge when it was attacked by an Alsatian named Zomba.
About 150 miles south of the capital, Lilongwe, near the town of Zomba, more than 15,000 people have been coming to a dozen different sites for the past few months to receive rations.
Zomba Records have just compiled a Midnight Oil tribute CD that features some of Australia's best-loved bands, playing some of Midnight Oil's most powerful and passionate songs.
The video, produced in association with Zomba Records and Jive, includes tracks, interviews and video footage from Steps, NSYNC, Britney Spears, The Parade, and Kim Lukas.
Enock Chihana, the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, has announced at a recent event that the Government has strategy to put up a stadium in Zomba with a capacity to accommodate five thousand people to provide amusement facilities to the city residents.
My visit to Zomba Theological College, where pastors of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian are trained, was enlightening.
series is a compilation joint venture from EMI Music, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and the Zomba Label Group.
Last night saw former Newcastle College student, Mark Harle and his indie band Freerunner sign a six-figure deal to major publishing house, Zomba Music Publishing, at Newcastle College's Performance Academy.
Clive Calder produced Britney Spears' records while head of Zomba.
1864: The first black Church of England bishop, Samuel Crowther, was consecrated: Born circa 1800 in Zomba, Central Africa, Crowther was sold on the slave market and put aboard a Portuguese vessel after traders had attacked his village and killed his father.