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French novelist and critic


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Zola pointed fingers at the real traitor, who had been acquitted, and named officers involved in the scandal.
I see the retirement community idea as simply another ploy by the animal-rights community to reach their eventual goal of abolishing the use of animals in research," Zola says.
Week 1: Introduction--course conception, bibliography, writing requirements, use of World Wide Web and email, lecture on time, history, and myth in Emile Zola
Jeanne Rozerot was twenty-seven years younger than Zola and had been his mistress since 1888, a situation that Alexandrine had reluctantly accepted as she and Zola had no children.
When Emile Zola visited the village of Romilly, outside Chateaudun, in early May 1886 he was struck by the vastness of the sky, the thick yellow soil of the plain, the sight of distant wooden windmills, their white sails turning slowly in the breeze-and the isolation of the inhabitants.
That way they get accurate information,'' said Evylyn Zola, 76, who is deaf and communicated through an interpreter.
Before he died, Zola brought together all the articles he wrote during the Dreyfus Affair in a volume entitled La Verite en marche, which was reedited in 1969 by Colette Becker.
Se trata, claro, de aquel J'accuse que Emile Zola escribio en el periodico L'Aurore de su amigo Georges Clemenceau, el famoso "Tigre" que iba, anos despues, a conducir a Francia a la victoria en la terrible Gran Guerra.
In 1886 Emile Zola received a terse note from Paul Cezanne acknowledging the receipt of his latest installment in the Rougon-Macquart series, L'aeuvre.
The appearance in 1877 of L'Assommoir (Drunkard), a study of alcoholism, made Zola the best-known writer in France.
Zola rose from chief operating officer and executive vice president to president and chief operating officer; and Karen B.
UPTON Park may not be hosting Kevin Mitchell's title bout against Michael Katsidis until May 15, but West Ham manager Gianfranco Zola warned Sunderland to be prepared for a scrap this afternoon.
GIANFRANCO ZOLA has no long-term future at West Ham.
GIANFRANCO ZOLA believes he can lead West Ham to Barclays Premier League safety after revealing his determination to carry on as manager.
1 WEST HAM striker Mido is convinced the club have enough quality to escape the clutches of relegation - but they may have to do it without Gianfranco Zola as manager.